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Check all your inefficient ad campaigns in AdWords.

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Recommendme artificial intelligence will analyze all ad campaigns in Google Adwords

You get simple advice on how to make your campaigns work better at lower cost.

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You will get a simple report showing your ad campaigns broken up into 3 groups:


  • Freelancer manages my ad campaigns in AdWords. Recommendme helps to control his work. He started keeping a closer eye on them, after I had pointed out to the ineffective ad campaigns.

    Dmitriy Leontovich

    I turned off all the inefficient ad campaigns last month and have increased the budget for the suggested ones. Finally, AdWords budget has gone down by 15% and income was increased by 20%. I did not expect such a result. Thank you!

    Elena Melnichenko, fashion jewelry,

    I'm a freelancer. AdWords budgets of my clients vary between $8,000 and $10,000 per month. Recommendme's reports help me to spot the inefficient ad campaigns out before the budget is totally wasted. I saved a lot of money.

    Igor S.

    I was suggested to turn off 7 inefficient ad campaigns. I decide to stop only 3 just to check this out. AdWords volume has remained relatively the same for a month, but the ad campaign spending was cut by $170. Good results. Next month I’ll keep all the suggestions.

    Maxim Titov "Flowers for You", a flower delivery service


    How can I be sure the report is correct?

    It's easy to check. Choose several campaigns our report considers as the worst and test their performance using Google Analytics.

    Turn off some inefficient campaigns and see how much you may save.

    Are you affiliated with Google in any way?

    Members of our team have intimate knowledge of both Google Analytics and Google AdWords. However, we have no connection to Google, so the answer is no.

    Is it possible that Recommendme could not help?

    Yes, if you are not tracking your online conversion. For example, you are taking orders by phone and have no way of knowing how your client found you.

    Our algorithm only analyzes online ad conversion.

    Can Recommendme analyze a large ad account?

    Yes, it can. Our artificial intelligence technology can quickly process very large datasets and any reasonable number of campaigns.

    Recommendme or other alternatives?

    Analytics of effective advertising in Google AdWords is tough and takes lots of time.

    We give you easy and clear suggestions to optimize your spending. Even grandma can do!

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